meet  the  staff


    Camp Administrator (Full Time)

    Bottom Left

         I came to camp in September 1999. Working in housekeeping and maintenance was the start of the best job I ever had. As my job evolved over the years, I have gained many experiences and responsibilities that help me now in my role as the Camp Administrator. I still say that this is the best job I ever had. No matter what the position, it is all an opportunity to serve and minister to campers, guests, and other staff. Penn-York Camp belongs to Jesus. Employees here work for Him. The benefits are eternal!

  • JED GEHMAN - Operations Manager (Full Time)

    Bottom Center

         Jed began doing part time work as a year round staff member for the camp back in 2013. Later, in 2014 we offered him the full time job of Operations Manager. He spends part of his time in the office helping with the upkeep of our computer databases, as well as many other random office things that need done. The rest of his time is spent out on the grounds doing general maintenance or challenge course work.

  • ONIE - Administrative Assistant (Full Time)

    Top Left

         Onie began working at Penn-York Camp back in December 2014, and we are extremely blessed to have her here. If you give us a call, it is likely that Onie will be the one to pick up the phone and greet you. She usually spends her time in the office, keeping the rest of us in line, answering phones and emails, scheduling retreats with groups, working on our large mailings, and so much more. Camp would not run without Onie. 

  • DENNIS WILLIAMS - Maintenance (Part Time)

    Bottom Right

         Dennis began working for camp back in 2012. Whether it is mowing lawn, cutting down dead trees, plowing snow, repairing equipment, or replacing a floor Dennis is the one to call. He puts in a lot of hard work here at camp doing seasonal maintenance and making sure everything looks good. We are very glad he is a part of our team.

  • SKYLAR WILLIAMS - Housekeeping (Part Time)

    Top Right

         Skylar began work here at camp in 2016. She does an awesome job making sure that our facilities are cleaned after a group leaves, and then ready for the next group to come in and use them.

  • SANDY RUSSELL - Maintenance (Part Time)

    Top Center

         Sandy began work for us as a housekeeper back in 2015. Now she helps with maintenance, making sure that our flower beds are weeded, trimming bushes, and making the appearance of camp look great. She is an incredibly hard worker and we are very grateful to have her. 

  • BRIAN RUSSELL - Web Design (Part Time)

         Brian began working for us back in 2014. He keeps our website up to date and looking good. We are very thankful for the time he puts in for camp.

  • TIM WITTER - Cook (Part Time)

         We first met Tim in 2016, when he helped camp out by filling in while we didn't have a cook. Soon he expressed interest in the cook's position that was open at camp, and we were more than happy to have him. With many years of experience cooking and catering for many different venues, he is a huge blessing to have.

  • AMY BUTTON - Cook (Part Time)

         Amy began cooking for us in 2017. She also has many years of experience cooking for school, as well as other venues. We look forward to having her cook for many years to come.

  • SHELLEY BUTLER - Bookkeeper (Volunteer)

         Shelley took Dale Beebee's place as bookkeeper in 2017. Her knowledge and previous experience are incredible, and we appreciate her heart for camp.

Meet the Board Of Directors

  • TIM DEMSTER - Board Chairman

         My name is Tim Demster. I have been involved at Penn York Camp as a camper and then as staff for about 23 years. I have recently been elected to the Board of Directors and am very excited to be able to serve camp in this new role. I am currently working as a high school science teacher at Andover Central School. 

         My favorite memories of camp are sleeping out under the stars in Explorer Camp as both a camper and staff, and guiding the Adirondack trips.

  • FRAN REILLY - Vice Chairman

      My husband and I went to our first Auction over two decades ago. We then moved to Roulette PA and continued to go to the Auction and other events at the camp (Dinners and other benefits. We became members and continued to attend events and then volunteer (at retreats, building projects and the Auction) we have had family events at the camp and we feel we have a new family at camp. I include my husband because we are one. I teach at Port Allegany High School and teach Sunday school at Gabriel the Archangel Church for both children and adults. My grandchildren will now be attending camp.

  • JESSIE VAUGHN - Secretary

         I am a member of Zion Christian Assembly in Ulysses where my husband is an assistant pastor. I am a professional artist, teacher, and interior designer. 

    I first came to PYC 30 years ago as a counselor for my church’s youth camp. Camp is very special to me and I feel we are very blessed to have such a facility in our area.

    I am on several committees at PYC. I do a lot of the decorating for special functions such as the Spring Banquet. I have designed both interior and exterior for camp since we built the Alpine Center. I also teach 2 weeks of Art Camp each summer.

  • STAN LEWIS - Treasurer

      I am Stanley Lewis. My family and I reside in Rexville, NY. My wife is Diane Lewis and we have 4 children: Daniel, Amber, Jonathan, Katrina. My family and I attend and are actively involved at West Union Mennonite Church. I am a joint owner of RoLa Farms Inc.(Rexville, NY), a dairy operation consisting of 550 milk cows. I have been involved with PYC for many years. As a youth I attended summer camps and as an adult have supported PYC through various benefits, programs, and also in prayer. My children have also attended many summer camps since they were of age.


         Husband to Vicki for 30 years, he is the father of Reuben, Joshua, and Garrett. He received a BA in Elementary Education from Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio in 1984. Wayne worked as a teacher in Christian schools for 5 years and 23 years as an asbestos safety instructor. He spent 18 plus years in full-time ministry including 2 ½ years as missionary in the Philippines as well as multiple short term missions trips to various countries around the world. Currently he is executive pastor at Valley Christian Church in Westfield, PA, and has been a board member for Penn York Camp, Ulysses, PA from 2008 to the present.


      Born in Coudersport, Pa in 1961. He completed undergraduate studies at Duquesne University and St. Bonaventure University. He graduated from National College of Chiropractic in December 1984 and moved back to Coudersport to begin a practice in Coudersport in February of 1985 and has continued for 30 years. He is married to Christine and is the father of 4 children. The 3 eldest children have graduated from Houghton College and the 4th; Nicole is currently studying at Houghton. Bruce and his wife attend the Gospel Tabernacle where he has served as a men's group leader and in music ministry and she has served as Sunday school administrator, children's church administrator and youth leader. Bruce enjoys fly fishing, golf, biking, and studying the Bible.


         My name is Jay Janssen and I live in Shongo, NY with my wife Melody (Beebee) and 4 children. I am the Director of Service Operations at a company called Percona that I work remotely for. We attend Solid Rock Bible Church in Hickox, PA. Our kids enjoy summer camp and the homeschool co-op that meets at camp during the school year. I've volunteered at camp regularly in the past decade to build and maintain the camp internet and wifi.