Summer Camps: 11-14 years old

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PIONEER CAMP (ages 11-13)

Pioneer Camp - $324/Week

Week 1 - July 9-14

Week 2 - July 23-28

A place for 11-13 year olds to learn about God, nature, themselves, and each other, Pioneer Camp is an amazing time of fun, adventure and challenge! Pioneer Campers have the opportunity to use the High and Low Elements of the Challenge Course.

Pioneer Camp Price includes

An entire week of camp. (Sunday evening - Friday evening)

5 Nights

16 Meals

Activities include High/Low Elements, Swimming, Archery, and Mountain Bikes and Boards

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EXPLORER CAMP (ages 11-13)

Explorer Camp - $374/Week

Featuring an offsite camping trip

Week 1 - July 2-7 - Blue Run

Week 2 - July 9-14 - Lyman Run

Open to 20 registrants/week

Activities include High and Low Elements, Swimming, Canoeing/Kayaking, and more. Campers will be sleeping in a different location each night around the PYC grounds. This gives campers an opportunity to test the low impact camping techniques they will be taught, such as shelter building, fire building, campfire cooking, and much more. Campers will also get the privilege of taking an offsite camping trip.

Offsite Camping Trips

Week 1 - July 2-7

We will be taking an overnight camping trip to Blue Run, a beautiful location in Tioga State Forest. Campers will also have the change to try their hand at Rock climbing and Repelling at Blue Run.

Week 2 - July 9-14

Penn-York Camp will be taking this group on an overnight camping trip to Lyman Run State Park. Campers will be dropped off on the Susquehanna Trail System near Route 6. They will then hike to Lyman Run State Park where they will have the chance to swim in the lake and enjoy the area.

Explorer Camp Price Includes

5 nights

16 meals

1 offsite camping trip

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EXTREME EXPLORER (ages 12-14) 

Extreme Explorer - $374

Featuring an offsite camping trip

July 16-21

Open to the first 15 registrants

Want a challenge? Extreme Explorer Camp is the opportunity to push your limits and test your outdoorsmanship. Learn about building shelters and then camp in the shelter you create! This camp is for those who have a basic understanding of survival techniques and want to put their skills to the test. 

This camp will also be taking an offsite overnight backpacking trip on the Morrison Trail. After several miles of hiking, campers will set up camp in Morrison Campground, and spend their evening enjoying the beauty of nature, and swimming in the lake. The following day campers will complete the Morrison Trail loop and then travel to Rimrock Overlook where there is incredible scenery, small caves to explore, and swimming.

Ready for the challenge?

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Art Camp - $349

July 23-28

Open to the first 12 registrants

Sold Out

The perfect camp for art-minded young teens. Art Campers spend the mornings learning drawing and painting techniques from local artist Jessie Vaughn. After lunch Art Campers enjoy all the other activities Camp has to offer.

Art Camp Price Includes

5 nights, 16 meals

All required supplies

Morning art lessons with professional artist, Jessie Vaughn.

All Activities enjoyed by Pioneer Campers such as High and Low Elements, Swimming, Archery, and Mountain Bikes and Boards


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Register during the month of April and receive an $40 discount**EXPIRED**


Bring your brother or sister, and you both will receive a discount.

$25/child discount that can be applied to all siblings registering for summer camp at PYC in 2017