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Use the link below to apply as summer staff. If you have an existing account, please use that username and password. If you can't remember your username or password please call the office: (814) 848-9811

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Female Counselor - Applications Open

Why you should apply

Why should you work at a summer camp? If you asked a million camp staff, you'd get a million different answers. Here's some of the top reasons working at a summer camp could be the best way to spend your summer:

Work Experience

Whether you're on maintenance, in the kitchen, or a counselor, summer camp has specialized positions designed to give you experience in a variety of fields. If you don't think your major has anything to do with Summer Camp, just remember things like "Working on a Team" "Problem Solving" "Time Management Skills" "Working under pressure" apply to every job.

Internships/volunteer hours

Need an internship before you graduate? Chances are you can do it here! Volunteer hours required for graduating High School? There's never a shortage of things to do year round at a Summer Camp and Retreat Center, give us a call!

Ministry Opportunities

Every staff-member has many opportunities to give of themselves: to the kids, the other staff, and the parents that come and go. Playing or singing on the worship team, speaking at chapels or campfires, and daily devotions mean there's a chance for every staff member to try a variety of ministry types and positions.