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To view photos taken on both the Low and High Elements of our Challenge Course.

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Records & Achievements

  • Eldest Person on the Challenge Course

    A huge congratulations to Flossie Duell, who holds our record for the eldest person to zipline at PYC.

    On October 3rd, 2016 Flossie ziplined at 89 years old. This completely shattered our previous record of 81.

  • Youngest Person on the Challenge Course

    Way to go Toby!!

    During the Summer of 2016, Tobias became our youngest participant ever on the Challenge Course. He completed both the Surf Boards and Pirates Crossing at just 3 years old!

  • He Unicycled The Catwalk!!!

    Speaking of Incredible!!

    On July 22nd, 2016, Derek Gehman successfully unicycled across the Catwalk (a horizontal telephone pole suspended at 20 ft). Both he and his unicycle were tethered into the course for safety. After a couple of practice runs, Derek could consistently ride back and forth on the Catwalk without holding on to anything for balance.

  • Most Zips by an Individual in One Day.

    This record was firmly established by Ethan Janssen who, on August 2nd, 2017 ziplined a total of 12 times.

    Congratulations Ethan!

Climbing Speed Records:

- Caterpillar - 15.54 Seconds

Set by Judah Herr

- Easy Wall - 23.37 Seconds

Set by CJ

- Hard Wall - 48.29 Seconds

Set by Levi Chamberlain

- Blue Tape - 1 Minute 31.77 Seconds

Set by Levi Chamberlain

- Orange Tape - 1 Minute 13 Seconds

Set by CJ

- Green Rocks - 1 Minute 8.4 Seconds

Set by CJ

- Blue Rocks - 4 Minutes 7.73 Seconds

Set by Tessa

- Unmarked Rocks Left - 1 Minute 26.13 Seconds

Set by Tessa

- Unmarked Rocks Right - 2 Minutes 9.77 Seconds

Set by CJ

- Yellow Extreme Route - 2 Minutes 46 Seconds

Set by CJ

meet the challenge director


My name is Jed Gehman. It was back in 2011, when I first began to work summers for Penn-York Camp. During that year, I was introduced to the challenge course, and began to learn how to facilitate and belay. The following two years, I began taking camp’s yearly challenge course certification. This allowed me to help facilitate at all levels on our challenge course, and put me on call for any guest groups who schedule a day on camp’s challenge course. The more I worked on the challenge course, the more I enjoyed it. It is always a blast to work with a group of people, and see the progression from not being able to work very well as a team on the Low Elements to being able to function quickly and efficiently by the end of the day. Or on the High Elements, to encourage someone to push their comfort zone, and see how rewarding it is for them to be able to complete an obstacle that they didn’t believe was possible. In 2014, the camp contacted me to offer me the job of Challenge Director. I accepted, and have been working in the position at camp ever since. I thoroughly enjoy working on the challenge course, and am looking forward to working with your group.