2018 Fall Quilting retreat

Friday, November 9th - Sunday, November 11th

Arrival:  4:00 p.m. on Friday, November 9th.

Note: Please do not arrive earlier than 3:30 p.m.

Departure: 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 11th.

Note: Registration is at 4; class will not start until all class participants have arrived. You are welcome to bring a personal project to work on in the meantime.


Full Retreat: $125

Full Retreat Commuting: $100

Friday-Saturday: $100

Friday-Saturday Commuting: $80

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NOVEMBER 9-11, 2018

I am excitedly looking forward to the fall retreat! (Have I ever not been excited?) According to the inquiries and responses I’ve already had concerning this retreat, it looks like we may have a full house!! I always look forward to being able to meet new girls and re-connect with former ones. This project is so much fun, I just know you’re going to love it. You will have the option of making the amazing disappearing pinwheel and/or the disappearing hourglass. Both of these designs are made using the same technique. Once you have your pinwheel or hourglass made, you cut it apart and re-design it. There are so many design options, you can have fun “playing” for hours!

Supply list:

  • 2 layer cakes*---1 with design and 1 for background (stripes and 1way designs not recommended)

*a layer cake is made up of 42 coordinating 10” patches

Each set of 2 patches will make 1   finished 12” block

If you make all 42 of your blocks, with a 6” border added, you will end up with an 84” X 96” quilt—buy 2yd for the border

30 blocks plus 6” border=72” X 84”---buy 1 1/2yd for border

20 blocks plus 6” border= 60” X 72”---buy 1 yd for border

  • Your sewing machine and all your wonderful quilting gadgets
  • A flannel backed tablecloth to be used as a design wall
  • An ironing station for yourself or to share with friends (I encourage you to share because too many irons plugged in at once causes circuit breaker problems)
  • Extension cord and/or power strip

If you want to bring a snack to share, feel free to do so.  We’ll all be happy to share it with you!

Reminder: you need to bring your own bedding (twin size) and towels.  These are not furnished by the camp.

Registration is at 4:00; class will not start until all class participants have arrived. You are welcome to bring a personal project to work on in the meantime.

If you’re coming with a friend, when you register you need to specify who it is you want to room with.

As always registration & payment is through Penn-York Camp.  pennyork.com or call 814-848-9811 Any questions concerning the quilt, contact me at 814-274-7691, or e-mail quiltersheaven2@zitomedia.net.

Looking forward to a great time with friends old and new!


Ps. As many of you know, Amy has been in a battle with cancer. She is currently undergoing chemo treatment and some other therapy. She is scheduled for her last round of chemo in Sept, so we’re hoping that she will feel strong enough to spend some time with us at retreat! Please continue to keep her in your prayers.