Frequently asked questions

What does the cost of camp cover?

We provide your child with lodging, food, caring counselors, and a safe environment. Campers will be able to enjoy a huge selection of age appropriate activities, and will not be bored while at camp. Plus, as a thank you for registering, we will give you a $10 credit to your child's camp store account, a T-shirt, and camp photo.

How much do I need to pay to secure a spot and receive any available discounts?

We require a $25/child non-refundable minimum deposit to secure a spot at camp. Once the minimum deposit is paid, then any available discounts will be approved.

Is there any Financial Aid or Discounts available?

Yes. Check out the Financial Aid tab under Summer Camp.

How much should I put in my child's store account?

We recommend a total of $20. Remember, as a thank you for registering, we will give your child $10, so anything you add will go on top of that. $20 easily cover buying snacks and leaves some left over to purchase a few larger items. Parents will have the opportunity to go through our camp store when they pick up their children on Friday, so additional purchases can be made then. Note: Penn-York Camp will refund unspent camp store money, but will not refund the $10 credit given by the camp.

What would a week of camp be like for my Child?

We have put together an information packet to help you familiarize yourself with Penn-York Camp (PYC). This information packet includes our mission statement, info on our staffing, what a day in the life of a camper looks like, different activities, and much more.

Click Here to View/Print Our Information Packet

Are there any forms that need filled out when we come to camp?

Yes. There are four forms that will need to be filled out and brought with you when you check your child in for camp.

Click Here to View/Print Our Check In Forms

What should my child pack?

We have put together a packing list to help you plan.

Click Here to View/Print Our Packing List

How are campers supervised?

Upon arrival at PYC, every child will be assigned to a cabin for the week. Every cabin has both a counselor and a counselor in training (CIT). Under the leadership of the counselor, each cabin will go through daily activities together. The counselor will maintain cabin unity, look out for the welfare of all the campers in their cabin, and share the love of Jesus Christ with each camper. The CIT will help the counselor wherever they are needed. Campers will always be with their cabin units. They will not be allowed to do activities on their own or be given free time to wander camp doing whatever they may choose. This close interaction builds close friendships, helps maintain cabin unity, and keeps the campers safe. 

How are the staff members supervised?

Every cabin receives both a Counselor and CIT. Both these staff members are always with their cabin. The counselors are supervised by the Summer Program Director. They assist the counselors, by helping with difficult situations, keeping them focused on their campers, and maintaining unity among the staff. In authority over the Summer Program Director, are the Camp Administration and Board of Directors. Every staff member working at Penn-York Camp receives background checks in accordance with Pennsylvania State Law, to ensure the safety of your children.

Can I contact my child while they are at camp?

Yes. We encourage parents to send their children mail while at camp. This can be done either by email or snail mail. We discourage parents from calling their children while at camp as this often causes the child to become homesick.

To email your child, send an email to PYC with your child's name in the subject line. We will print off your email and give it to your child.

Send Emails to:

To send snail mail to your child at camp, mail your letter to PYC to the attention of your child. We will deliver your letter upon receipt.

Snail Mail to:

Penn-York Camp

Attn: Camper Name

266 Northern Potter Rd.

Ulysses, PA 16948

Can I pick my child up from camp early?

Yes. However, PYC needs to have this information in writing by the beginning of the camp week. That way we can make sure that your child's belongings are packed and ready to go.

We are aware that last minute unexpected events may require parents to pick up their children earlier than planned. If this is the case, the parent will need to call the PYC office, make camp aware of the situation, and the needed pick up time.

What if my child gets sick or hurt at camp?

PYC has a health officer on staff at all times. The health officer is responsible for overseeing the health of the campers and staff. 

If a child obtains an injury requiring professional medical assistance, they will be transported to a hospital, and the parents will be contacted immediately. Once the parents are contacted they will be responsible to meet the Penn-York Camp staff at the hospital, and take charge of all medical decisions. 

If a child gets sick while at camp, the health officer will contact the parents to make them aware of the situation. Note: If the health officer decides it is in the best interest of the rest of the campers and staff for a sick child to go home, they may require the parents to come and pick up their child.

My child has severe food allergies. Does the camp have options?

Yes. If your child has special diet requirements, give us a call. We would be glad to discuss menu possibilities for your child.

My child takes prescription medication. How are you making sure it does not get into the hands of the other campers?

When you arrive at camp, all (prescription and over the counter) medication will be handed over to the health officer. You can discuss the requirements for your child's medication with the health officer. The health officer will be responsible for making sure that your child receives their medication. When you pick your child up at the end of the week, their medication will be returned to you.

Note: Penn-York Camp may allow a child to keep their medication or give their medication to their counselor to keep if it would be dangerous to their health not to have the medication near them at all times. (Inhalers and EpiPens for example) Parents and children still need to report these medications to the camp health officer upon arrival at PYC.

Can we have a tour of the campus?

Absolutely! However, parents need to call ahead to schedule a tour. For security reasons, we may not be able to give a tour of camp if you just show up here and ask for one. You could also check out our site map by clicking here.

Not Finding What You Are Looking For?

Give our office a call. We would be glad to answer your questions.

Penn-York Camp

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Ulysses, PA   16948

Phone: 814-848-9811